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Claire Kane is a NYC-based actor, writer, comedian, and producer from Wildwood, NJ where she could be seen crying at dance recitals from the impressive age of two. She is a Rowan University graduate with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and a concentration in acting and directing. She started her comedy career in Chicago where she graduated from Second City’s conservatory and completed iO’s improv program. In Chicago, she improvised with her improv duo, “Vane” and discovered her love for performing characters and producing films. From there, Claire made the move to the Big Apple to follow her filmmaking dreams.

Claire uses absurdist humor in her films and stage performances to highlight and comment on capitalism and the struggles of the working-class. Before COVID, Claire could be seen performing characters and eating burrata around NYC.

🎶 ‘Cause I make me feel_I make me feel_
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